A Daunting Night in Old Afghanistan

Outspake The Brave
Michael J. FitzPatrick


There’s a bitter cold that burns the skin, a bitterness that I can’t let in
You never know what fate might send on the wire
The wind is howling and the night’s a go, the type of night that bites the soul
You never know where you might roll and take fire

Questions’ churning, overflows and spills, Is tonight the night that I have to kill? 
I hope I won’t but know I will if required
Concussion shocks in time and space, some will run but I know my place
I won’t see my brother’s face in the mire

Light and sound as I dive for the hole, was I just a second to slow?
They say when it’s time to go there’s no sorrow
Time slows to half speed at best, warmth flows from my neck to my chest
I know I’ll find peace and rest come tomorrow

It was A Daunting Night in Old Afghanistan
It was A Daunting Night in Old Afghanistan
It was a daunting night of blood upon the sand

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