Outspake The Brave
Michael J. FitzPatrick


Many miles away my heart is sailing ocean waves
We’re many days apart
And there’s a longing deep within to see my love again

The clock ticks through the day as the dusty ground looks for the rain
I’m marking off the days
Till the one I’m dreaming of can fill my cup again

I long to be with you, I long to see you too
You’re my own, my dream, Angelita
There’s a part of me in you, What can come between us two?
We are one, my love, Angelita

The dawn is drawing near and I arise to meet the day                                         
But with half a heart I fear
The best of me has gone away to sail the ocean breeze

So I’m a rock thrown in the sea needing tenderness to recover me              
But only while you’re gone
On your return I’ll find myself and finally go back home

While you’re gone you’re not unseen I hold you in my mind
Separated yet somehow we’re one                                
There’s a cord from me to you that never is untied                         
Separated yet somehow we’re one

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