Angels On My Side

Outspake The Brave
Michael and Shaun FitzPatrick


Far across that desert plain Burned beneath the sun
Whirling winds thru hearts of stone the struggle’s just begun
I see them run thru lonely street and I hear them weep and moan
I know that one day it might be me so I pray that mercy come

Pray for me, I am a soldier in the sun
Pray for me, until all my work is done
Desperation and resolve help me to survive
I can only trust in my God to keep this fire alive
Is it dust and wind or Angels on my side

High upon a golden throne I walked with mighty men
I ruled as well as any man but I struggled with my sin
Now I walk with lowly men I sing their humble song
I walk the roads among them and I pray to right their wrongs

Angels we have heard on high  
Sweetly singing oer these plains
Amidst the death that’s flying by
The breathless beat of angel’s wings
And I know And I know
And I know And I know they’re here with me

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