Born Fightin'

Outspake The Brave
Shaun FitzPatrick


Life will come along and wake you to the night
To the darkness that’s inside of you – the things we try to fight
Life will tear you down in a hundred dark disguises
And time is all you have until the boat you’re in capsizes

And the weak will lose their will They’ll falter on the way
The strong ones hold on still And raise their voice to say

Do your worst, it’s an even bet
I’ll best you still, ‘cuz I’m not dead yet
Gonna bow your knee to a Higher Power
Better make your peace in your final hour

I was Born Fightin’     I was Born Fightin’

The stars will light the way to their mighty epitaph
But we can only pray and mask our fear to laugh
Now every word is true, there’s no way to deny it
You can’t win, ‘cuz in the end everyone of us will buy it

It’s an even bet No I’m not dead yet
Better take your shot Because ready or not
I was Born Fightin’ I was Born Fightin'

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