Fire Down Range

Outspake The Brave
Michael and Shaun FitzPatrick


Like the day in the night Tyger Tyger burning bright
Can you tell me what it is that you are after??
Seems like I’ve been here before I am knockin’ at that door
Like Molly Hatchet flirtin’ with disaster

You know that I don’t really want to be here
To see the things that I have done and seen here

But someone’s got to fight the fight of fear here

We’re on fire in Afghanistan Hope’s tryin’ in Afghanistan
We’re ablaze in Afghanistan It’s a maze in Afghanistan

Been dropped into the maze Lost again in purple haze
Can you tell me what the band has started playin’?
My eyes are goin’ dim And my chances growin’ slim
And my only hope’s to raise the price their payin’

We will make… our…  way To the light... of.. day
With the last step they take here we’ll stay

With the last breath  they take we will say

Here upon this  clay We will fight to stay

Hear our hearts hear our hopes here we stay
Hear our hearts hear our hopes here we pray

Been trollin’ thru the ville Like a winter in Brazil
We are out of place and out of tune and rhythm
Tell that Lucy in the Sky that my cup is running dry
But I’m diggin deep to find some love to give ‘em

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