Men of Harlech-Marines of Workhorse

Outspake The Brave
Traditional and Shaun FitzPatrick


Hark! I hear the foe advancing, Barb'd steeds are proudly prancing;
Helmets in the sunbeams glancing, Glitter through the trees.
Men of Har-lech, lie ye dreaming? See ye not their falchions gleaming,
While their pennons gaily streaming Flutter in the breeze? 

From the rocks rebounding Let the war cry sounding
Summon all at Cambria's call, The mighty foe surrounding.
Men of Harlech, on to glory! See, your banner fam'd in story
Waves these burning words before ye, DEATH before we yield!"

Marines of Workhorse end your slumber Clouds of war are peeling thunder
Soon to rend the sky asunder Battle is at hand!
Marines of Workhorse dawn is breaking Home and comfort we're forsaking
The Hist'ry of the Corps we're making 8th Marines to land!

From the swamps embarking The nation's call we're harking
To foreign shores we'll take once more The standard we'll be marking
Marines of legend and of story more than duty is our glory
Keep these words ever before ye Faithful we will stand!

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