Will You Carry Me

Outspake The Brave
Michael J. FitzPatrick


Who hasn’t looked to the heavens Who hasn’t looked to the seas
Saying in their heart I long to go                                         
Who hasn’t asked the great questions Who hasn’t searched for the answers
Saying deep inside I want to know
What could it mean What could it mean to you and me

I ‘m just the everyman traveler joining in this high adventure
Try my best to solve this mystery           
What can I be, What can we be, I want to see

Will you carry me where the stars will shine
Will you take my wings of burden I believe I’m supposed to fly
Will you carry me where new suns will rise
We’ll be opening our spirits as we’re lifting up our eyes
If you carry me, carry me

This is a road full of struggles; challenges still yet to be known
Tis always the way of discovery
But who will search for brighter tomorrows, seeking horizons unseen
Light the way for all of humanity
What could it mean What could it mean to you and…

Me, we’ve walked in footsteps of giants they have gone before us so well
Now we stand at the crossroads of ourselves
Can you hear us say can you hear them say will we be free?

We honor all our comrades who have fallen on their way
Seeking for the knowledge that can make a brighter day
Those who have died before us in the search for foreign lands
The risks are very great but this question always stands       

Will you carry me to the start of light
We’ll go deep into the heavens we’ll go far beyond our dreams
If you carry me, carry me

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