A different kind of band.  A different kind of mission.  A different kind of music.

Outspake The Brave is a modern military tribute project with a threefold purpose.

First, we strive to make great music. Using a variety of styles and soundscapes, Outspake The Brave breathes new life into the traditional songs that served as the artistic back drop to our civilization’s watershed moments of struggle and courage while also penning new songs that speak to the current situations our military personnel face on a daily basis.

Second, we celebrate and applaud the sacrifice and experiences of those in military service. Our hope is to transport the listener into the lives of our brothers and sisters in arms, and to foster respect and empathy for these modern heroes.

Third, we pledge to use proceeds from these songs to benefit those who have given so much to their fellow citizens in the form of military service. Outspake The Brave supports military charities, to highlight their work and help to fund their endeavors. Outspake The Brave also seeks to engage the business community to partner with us towards these same ends.

Outspake The Brave’s principal architects are Mike and Shaun FitzPatrick. The FitzPatrick’s hail from a family with a varied military background. Dad was in the Army, Mom was in the Air Force and Shaun himself is a Marine. It seems like to round it out Mike should have been in the Navy, but he chose to serve along another path as a NASA Space Shuttle Flight Controller.

Their experiences in life, leadership, and crisis inspired them to conceive and develop this musical celebration and support of our military heritage and personnel.

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