We would like to thank our sponsors who have given so generously towards this music and our men and women in military service.

For prospective sponsors, we are seeking to engage you and the rest of the business community in a mutually beneficial partnership that aids our soldiers and lifts society as a whole.

You can partner with us in one or more of the following ways:

1. Giving exposure to the band’s purpose via linking off your company’s website or any other appropriate documentation

2. Giving exposure to the band’s purpose via informing your employees

3. Purchasing CD’s for your employees or sponsoring for military personnel (physical copies or download cards are available)

4. Direct Sponsorship – assist with defraying the cost of origination, production, mastering, duplication, and shipping as well as allowing us to add videos and to pursue future projects.

We put Sponsors logos and website on our Sponsor’s page.

Please respond if you can join forces with us in this project. 

Contact: mike@outspakethebrave.com

Current Sponsors:

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